Pool Safety Inspections

Is your pool or spa compliant with the government’s new rules?

Only 1 in 50 pools and spas we inspect are compliant at our first visit.

If you own a pool or spa, you only have until 30 November 2015 to make sure it is registered as compliant with the government.

Failure to comply could earn you a hefty fine from the government, so we recommend getting in quick!

In addition to all pools and spas needing to be registered, this new safety standard must be followed when buying, selling or leasing a property, and for hotels, motels and bodies corporate.

TWO inspections for just $200!

If your pool barrier does not comply on the first inspection, we’ll provide a second inspection at no extra cost to inspect the rectified issues.

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Our Director Karen Logan holds an unrestricted Pool Safety Inspector Licence (No. 100579).

  1. Initial inspection

If your pool barrier is compliant when we first check it, we’ll issue your certificate within 48 hours.

If however it is non-compliant, we will send you a full report outlining what you’ll need to do to make it compliant.

At this stage, we will also be required to send you an official Non-Conformity Notice, which you will have 90 days to rectify.

Once you’ve performed the required changes, simply ring us up and we’ll come to perform the second inspection – free of charge!

  1. Follow-up inspection

We will re-inspect your pool to make sure our recommended changes have been carried out properly.

Once we can sign off on your pool’s safety, we’ll issue your certificate within 48 hours.

For more information regarding Pool Safety Requirements see the Queensland Government’s Pool Safety Council Website.