Handover Inspection Reports

Make sure everything’s right before completion

When taking ownership of your new home from the builder, it is vital that you commission a Handover Inspection, as this will identify any areas that the builders may have overlooked or left incomplete. Failure to do so could cause you massive headaches in the future, whether it’s from the council or a potential buyer. Your Handover Report will become part of your documentation to ensure the builder has completed the contract in accordance with the plans and specifications and has achieved ‘Practical Completion‘. To book or enquire about a Handover Inspection, please call us on 0411 741 127 or fill out a contact form.

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What does the inspection involve?

Your Handover Inspection is actually two inspections for the price of one. Each inspection will take around 90 minutes.

  1. Initial inspectionWe will check for any defects and provide a report clearly detailing what repairs or amendments need to be made.Our comprehensive service will cover both structural and aesthetic factors, and we will provide photographs and easy-to-understand recommendations for any defects spotted.Most builders will fix any issues as part of their service within the 6 month defect liability period, however some may dispute the defects. If this happens, you will be able to launch a complaint with the QBCC.
  1. Follow-up inspectionWe will confirm that all the required repairs and amendments have been made.If anything has not been repaired, replaced or completed, our provided report can act as supporting documentation for the QBCC’s complaints process.

We will perform all the legwork surrounding your inspection and report, including liaising with the building supervisor to arrange a time to inspect the property. Karen Logan Building Inspection Reports is compliant with Australian Standard AS4349—2007 Inspection of Buildings. We will always make sure you are aware of the scope and limitations of the inspection and report so you know exactly what is covered before we begin. For more information about the BSA’s complaints process, please see the BSA website.


What is a handover inspection report?

The handover inspection identifies defects and incomplete items which would be required to be repaired or completed to the generally accepted standards and tolerances for residential construction prior to handover and at practical completion. The report provides a list for the builder of the defects and omissions to be attended to and also provides supporting documentation should disputes occur between the builder and the home owner.

When do I need a handover inspection?

Usually about a week before handover.

What is practical completion?

The Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000 (the DBC Act) defines this as the stage when the work has been completed in accordance with the contract and all relevant statutory requirements either without any omissions or defects, or with only minor omissions and/or minor defects and the home is reasonably suitable for habitation. Your contractor will usually advise you (roughly two to three weeks) in advance when the estimated handover date will be. It is important that you read the definition of the practical completion stage in the definition section of your contract (usually located towards the back of the general conditions part of the contract). The Date of Practical Completion Stage represents the start of the defects liability period. For more information on defect inspections, liability and other processes, please see our FAQs section.